MOMCAT, the band

Meet MOMCAT, a rock 'n roll band from Grand Rapids, with a lot of talent and a love for cats.

So where we did this shoot may or may not have had giant no trespass signs on it, but I made the executive decision that a good photo is worth a rap sheet.  (side bar: everything we found was broken when we found it, not after)

And then the Golden Hour struck ...

MOMCAT had their first house show the last weekend of October and they rocked their faces off and burst a few ear drums in their lil Michigan basement (maybe I'll post a few pics & clips from the show later?).  They had there EP for sale which you (yes you) can find


!  They also have a

facebook page

(which you should go like). I personally would describe the band a gritty-er version of the Black Keys with better style. 

(Thank you Kaitlan Spencer and the Fisk of Fury house for letting me use your cats as cat models!)