Most photographers are stuck behind the lens most of their life, not in front of it.  My photographer friend Megan and I decided that should change, so we headed out last week to get Megan a new profile picture (hah!).

Megan (who took the pictures in the last post!) modeled for a project I'm working on called "The People Of November" along with making this an awesome portrait session.  I wrote a poem about the affects of November on people, especially for people of the North. Michigan is a wonderful place, but when November roles around everything starts to crack and creak and dry out.  Fingers, Trees, Leaves, Barns, Lips.  The project is going to be transformed into a book (that I'm hopefully finishing and printing tonight!) and I'll post the poem and photos accompanying it.  For now, take a gander at my beautiful friend Megan.  She's dating this really awesome guy named Erik who is in this cool band.  Check out their


right now to get a tour van (so they can save some gas $$ and their carbon footprint!).