kenya bound

Grand Rapids was humming with energy last night because of the holiday shop hop and it was the perfect setting for some pre-Kenya bonding. Kaitlan showed all of us (Dara, Tyler, Aubrie, and myself) to a hidden treasure in the Fulton Heights district: Little Africa.

We ordered the group platter, which at first sight seems manageable but fills you up sooner than you think. At only $9 a person you get every dish on the menu to share. Everything is ate with your hands and wrapped up in a (delicious) spongy bread/tortilla thing called anjera.

I am seriously stoked to spend a whole semester with this group of people (Our friend Max is also going but had to work on a documentary tonight so he came as a print out on a popsicle stick that I may have accidentally left at the restaurant). We shared stories, things we are worried about in Kenya, how stoked we are for Zanzibar, how many pairs of shoes we're packing, and our favorite reality tv shows.

During dinner we spotted Santa across the road at the pastry shop and hunted him down for a picture that led us into an antique store with a live jazz band.