to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

During my semester in Kenya I joined my friends Kaitlan and Kyle on their farm adventure, accompanied by my newscaster friend Aubrie.  Kaitlan and Kyle had been working at GBIACK for about a month and I was invited to take pictures for their website.  GBIACK stands for Grow Bio-Intensive Agriculture Center of Kenya.  

90% of the world's farmers farm on less than 2 acres of land.

Grow Bio-Intensive is a 100% sustainable method of farming.  Everything used on the farm comes from the farm. Seeds, manure, pest control, you name it.  They don't believe in monocrops and their front desk has a "milliones contra monsanta" sticker on it.  

Their main method they teach farmers is how to grow all of the food 1 person would need for an entire year on an 1/8th of an acre with 10% left for sale if it was their only job.  This year they are trying to conduct an experiment where a group of 5 people could farm on 1/8 of an acre and provide all the food they need for a year and be able to hold other jobs.  

The GBIACK method is inspiring and eye opening.  I was so inspired by all of the people I met there and the passion they had for feeding the world and making the world a better place.  

Meet Samuel.  He is a light to the world and runs the GBIACK farm.  The way he talks about farming could convince anyone to follow in his path because of all the passion and goodness flowing from him.  

GBIACK also has a woman's center for women affected by aids and poverty to come learn skills like dressmaking and beading.  

GBIACK hosts a small gift store to sell all of the things made in the woman's center.