hey y'all. 
so i posted a story about a school in Kenya a couple months ago that my friend Hannah Schaap student taught at that is in need of things ranging from soccer balls to new walls.  as i'm sitting in the library in Cutbank, MT i thought i could do something more with my summer than hiking and sharing photos of a beautiful part of the country, what if i could count my miles this summer and use them to help Mulandi Primary?  
SO i'm asking for you big ole giving hearts to sponsor my trail miles this summer to help build a new classroom for Mulandi School and get them a professional soccer ball.  whether it's a penny a mile or a dollar, each cent counts.  i feel passionate about providing students with a good education because it is a huge step in alleviating poverty.  so send an email my way @ kolyswis@gmail.com if you'd like to help build a better future for the students in Athi River.

(here's a link to the previous story on mulandi)