amplified stillness

"Name five things you are grateful for, go! go! go!" is the new daily conversation/text message my housemate Victoria shouts at me.  A week ago I watched a video on how expressing your gratitude increases your happiness and we'be been putting it into practice. It's awkward sometimes, but it's refreshing.  It's jumping into a calm lake in the heat of summer.  It makes your heart a little fuller.  

Today I am thankful for the weekend I spent adventuring around norther Michigan with Victoria.  We spent time listening to Arcade Fire, reading Buddy Wakefield poems aloud, reflecting on our choices, praying for each other, and cuddling to keep warm in our tent.  I am thankful for my great aunt and for sharing her stories with us Monday afternoon on her farm.  I am thankful for Abi the goat who thinks she's a dog.  I am thankful for slowing down.  For taking time to reflect. For places where the internet is banished from and the mantra "Be Here Now."