This semester I am taking my first studio photography class and it's a little bit terrifying.  Partly because I have next to no experience with it and partly because if I trip onto a piece of equipment it will likely cost me thousands of dollars.  Here's to student loan! 

My first project of the semester was to emulate a famous photographer.  Richard Avedon

-- famous for his series entitled "The American West" and his fashion photography--

 inspired this project.  Last weekend my friend Lisa and I took an evening off of partying to create something beautiful.  Lisa is an inspiration to me in her passion for her practice.  She is an incredible dancer and has an incredibly passionate heart.  She works with a ministry in the area working to end human trafficking, works at a local thrift store, teaches dance classes, and still finds time to connect with friends.  Her pint sized body contains a bold spirit rivaled by few.